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At La Tribu we share our method with the world. We adapt the content and duration of the training to the needs of each person or organization. We establish specific objectives offering a different training experience for each professional reality. Contact La Tribu to agree on the specific training plan that you and your organization are looking for.

Image: Malta, 2019. Workshop of La Tribu Animation S.L. within the Trojan Was a Unicorn Festival,
Intended for Personnel Officers of The Walt Disney Company and Industrial, Light & Magic


Assertive communication and conflict resolution in the company


Do you know who surrounds you? Personality profiling through behavior


Tools to negotiate between opposites: personality and motivation

Análisis Organizacional

Improve the management of your organization: strategies from organizational analysis


Chaos in negotiation: keys to understanding wicked traits and dishonesty


Storytelling applied to the company. The advantages of the story in business management

Training aimed at:

  • Management positions
  • Responsible for the selection of personnel
  • Sales or customer service personnel
  • Supervisors and managers of work teams
  • People dedicated to collective bargaining.

Organizational Counseling

The Organization and Care team of La Tribu offers the possibility of accompanying, through organizational advice and / or consulting, companies or organizations in their improvement, change and transformation processes.


The team of La Tribu carries out a complete analysis of the organization that includes: culture, organization charts, communication dynamics and processes, leadership profiling and detection of possible conflicts.


The Transformation Plan is designed, with a detailed proposal for adjustments or changes in the work methodology, in its communication dynamics, as well as a specific training plan for the people who make up the organization.


Based on the Transformation Plan proposed and accepted by the organization, its implementation is carried out, both in relation to the changes and adjustments in the different areas of the organization, as well as the agreed training plan.

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